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Organized Sport Participation                                       INC


The proportion of children and youth involved in any organized sports programming provided through schools or communities.

The grade of incomplete (INC) indicates that there was insufficient information available to assess this indicator.

access not only between rural and urban settings, but also between private and public schools, where privately funded schools have greater resources and better infrastructure to support organized sport. 

While these sources indicate that sports programming is gathering momentum, the data does not provide confidence to assign a nationwide grade as there is insufficient information available.

Organized sport participation includes involvement in any programming provided through schools and/or communities that enables children and youth to participate in sports activities. Organized sports programming is available in many private and public schools across India.

A large rural study, as well as a private organization that provides physical activity programming in 400 schools across 100 cities in India, depicted a picture of children’s organized sports participation both within and outside of school. However, organized sport participation varies widely across India as there are differences in 

Why does organized sport participation matter?

For many children and youth, organized sport participation is a fun way to be physically active with peers. While not all families may be able to afford extracurricular organized sports activities, programs offered through schools are more accessible to children and youth, and therefore an important part of overall physical activity accumulation.

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